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Digital Media Ventures is a Strategic Digital Media & Technology Consultancy focusing on strategic new media and technology, brand strategy, business models, innovation and marketing.

We believe in doing great things in a humble way.

We are passionate about technology & services that helps us do, and be more.

We believe in technology & digital services that solve real, meaningful problems, that are digital responsible and balance profit and purpose. We’ve signed the #techpledge.

We believe in ethical and trustworthy AI and machine learning for optimizing and augmenting user experiences. We need to let the machines do the repetitive and routine work so we humans can focus on the more difficult and complex cases and cases, where our human competencies come more into play.

We believe in creating business models that enable all parties to benefit and be part of the value creation.

We believe in combining hardware, software, services and access into integrated propositions tailored to the individual customer’s needs and thereby making a real difference in the customer’s daily life.

We believe in innovation, quality and superior user experiences as decisive means to creating lasting customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand preference.

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